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The Oliver server's first services started in November 9th 2002.
That time the hardware was an i386 based Olivetti M300-02 computer. The operating system was a Slackware Linux version 4.0, which had 8.1 MB of swap memory and 71 MB's of disk space.
There were 10 MB's of physical memory in the computer. At this early period only 7 users could log into the server. Although a guest account was created as well, which only had 40 KB's of disc space. The other users had about 2 MB's of disk space and one user had 3 MB. The computer worked correctly until 2002.11.20 22:48, when an unknown dumb operator turned off the computer, because he thought this computer is standing at the server room for nothing. After 2 days silence at 2002.11.22 10:12 the server has been turned on again.
The 25th of November was a big day for the computer. This day was a lot of useful programs installed, such as lynx, joe and an Apache web server. From now on the server could have been seen on the Internet from anywhere in the world. And every user could have a personal web page, which was available 24 hours a day. Of course the server had it's own inner page, which was a bit antilevel, but was enough for the use. This time not only new program were installed, but the disk space became more as well. From 15 MB's to 17 MB's (with the installed programs). This wasn't a big deal for the users because their quota limits has not been changed.


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